Steel mesh allegations head to court

The Commerce Commission have announced today that 29 charges for making false and misleading representations have been filed against Steel & Tube. The charges relate to representations made about steel mesh products between 1 March 2012 and 6 April 2016.

The charges allege that

  • Steel and Tube made misleading representations on their batch tags, batch test certificates, advertising collateral and website that SE62 was 500E grade steel, when it was not; and
  • That false and misleading representations were made by Steel and Tube that SE62 steel mesh had been independently tested and certified, when it had not.

The charges against Steel & Tube follow similar charges filed earlier this year against Timber King Limited and NZ Steel distributors, who both plead guilty and will be sentenced in August.

The Commerce Commission also state that they expect to lay charges against another company and are still investigating a further company.

You can read the full media release here  or our previous blogs on the steel and tube saga herehere and here.


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