City Rail Link – one year on

One year ago construction began on New Zealand’s largest infrastructure project based in the heart of the Auckland CBD, the City Rail Link (‘CRL’). Project Manager Chris Meale highlights the positive approach taken by contractor teams working on the CRL to liaise with businesses and other parties affected by the works in the CBD.

The project is one piece of the master plan to facilitate the economic development of Auckland as the city grows by an estimated 700,000 people over the next 30 years. To date, all contractor teams have completed a combined 273,000 hours of work (equivalent to one person working 136 years). Tunneling continues under Victoria Street to Swanson Street, and has advanced a further 60 meters. The construction of 360 piles and 125 jet grout columns is ahead of schedule, with 100 of each having been completed to date.


The Downer NZ Ltd and Soletanche Bachy Joint Venture to construct the temporary Commerce Street entrance to the Britomart Transport Centre is also on target. Contractors have achieved full environmental compliance throughout the process, having resolved two uncontrolled run off issues in a timely fashion. With the project on schedule, the city is taking further steps towards providing a modern and efficient transport infrastructure.

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