Waikato Freight Hub under construction

Ports of Auckland announced this week the beginning of construction for the Waikato Freight Hub (‘WFH’). The WFH will be built on 33 hectares of land, 8 kilometers north of Hamilton at the Northgate Business Park, Horotiu. Fulton Hogan has been awarded the earth works contract to undertake the task of levelling the site. The first step in its construction is the building of a road-over-rail bridge to establish a new connection to the pre-existing road network. poa20intermodal20hub2028629

The inland port is strategically placed at the heart of the ‘Golden Triangle’, New Zealand’s fastest growing region, connecting the Waikato, Tauranga, and Auckland. With the intention to partner with Napier Port, the WFH is expected to provide significant reductions in freight costs and improve supply chain efficiency, with the end result being the improved competitiveness of New Zealand goods on the international market. The WFH is also tipped to create 300 jobs directly and economically stimulate many more by acting as an economic catalyst.    

The WFH is being constructed with sustainability in mind, with over four hectares of the site earmarked for native flora and fauna habitat. Where practical the WFH will utilise energy efficient LED lighting technology and solar power storage for the provision of renewable energy. The WFH project is distinct from the Tainui Group Holdings project based in Ruakura, Hamilton. The Ruakura project is expected to be worth over $3 billion NZD following the completion of the build over the next 50 years. This marks an exciting time for development in the region and a booming construction sector.

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