Launch of Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline website

The Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline (ANZIP) website has recently launched. It is a joint effort by the New Zealand and Australian governments, and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (an independent not-for-profit infrastructure body).

The website provides details on public infrastructure projects in New Zealand and Australia. Links to government planning documents, project website and other relevant material are also provided. The projects listed range from those which are speculated to likely occur (not formally proposed by a public body) to those which have recently, within the last 12 months, progressed to contractual close.

The ANZIP, by aggregating details for prospective infrastructure projects, provides transparency for stakeholders allowing the industry to take a more holistic view of the upcoming project pipeline. It is a useful first port of call when looking into major infrastructure projects.

It should be noted that the ANZIP is only interested in major infrastructure activity. Therefore, the threshold for New Zealand projects is $100m NZD, and for Australian projects: $300m AUD or greater for construction projects and $100m AUD or greater for investable greenfield and brownfield projects.

The website can be accessed here.


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