A garage by any other name…

With the rate of building increasing in Queenstown it appears that some project are skipping the quality assurance processes, especially around design. Mr Cole and Ms Bohn recently moved in to their rental in Shotover Country and found that the garage had been fenced in. They claim the fence was not there when they previously viewed the property (Stuff article here).

Some more artsy/philosophical people may see this as a dig at modern society: how a people these days have a perfectly fine garage but only use it for storage and still take up all the on-street parks with their cars (commonly seen in Wellington). Somehow I don’t think it is that deep.

In any event, I would suggest a home gym may be a good use in this case (bit of privacy, appears to be good air flow).

This also brings up the question of other construction fails. While the photos on this site are a little old some are worth a look.


Photo by Rhys Chamberlain

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