Construction company fined after fall

A worker at a South Canterbury building company, Rickie Shore Building Limited, suffered a fall on site in October last year. The company plead guilty to a Health and Safety Act charge of failing to take steps to ensure the safety of the employee.

The fall occurred after the worker had incorrectly installed a floor of the second storey of a house. The worker was unfamiliar with the system being used and it gave way under him, resulting in a 2.9m fall.

The worker was knocked unconscious and still experiences the effects of the fall, such as tiredness, fatigue and dizziness. He also fractured his right collar bone, left elbow and received a number of cuts and bruises.

The Court sentenced the company to pay a fine of $34,000 and $16,000 in reparations.

The company could have taken a number of steps to protect the worker including analysing the task, monitoring the work, providing the installation guide, and completing job sheet analysis.

The company is said to have improved safety practices after the accident.

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