Fletchers in recruitment drive following #Brexit

Like the rest of the current news cycle, construction related news (and our largely Brexit themed blogs this week) is all about the #Brexit.

Fletcher Construction, which claims to have 30 years of work in the pipeline, is set to hold a recruitment event in London later this month with the aim of attracting senior British construction professionals to assist with the delivery of its massive construction programme.

Chief Executive Graham Darlow cites the current ‘global turmoil’ caused by Brexit as an additional incentive for UK citizens to look to NZ.

We think its likely Fletcher would have been pushing this drive for experienced construction specialists, regardless of the referendum result. The link to the referendum may just be a result of the media’s current fascination with all things Brexit. However, it may also not be that far fetched – it has been reported that Immigration NZ and real estate sites have seen a surge in British interest following the referendum.




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