Everyone loves a good comeback story

Although maybe not as glamorous as Robert Downey Jnr’s comeback, or as dramatic as [spoiler alert] Jon Snow’s, JFP (NZ) International Limited’s recent reinstatement to the companies register is still exciting for those with more niche interests.

In 2011, JFP, an offshore oil company, was voluntarily liquidated to facilitate its removal from New Zealand’s company register. The company was owned predominately by Marvin Lee Smith and his Nevada registered company MLS Energy Corporation. Mr Smith died in 1995 and with him, so did JFP’s business operations. The liquidation in 2011 finally sealed its fate… or so we thought.

It was recently discovered that a royalty interest in a mining licence held by the company, thought to be valueless, had accrued millions in royalties.

Unlike RDJ or Jon Snow, JFP’s comeback has no grand aspiration and will exist merely to collect on outstanding and future royalties. The unopposed application was granted and the company was reinstated, allowing it to reap the benefits of its forgotten asset.

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