Steel mesh saga continues

The latest update on the continuing steel mesh saga is, again, bad news. The Commerce Commission has just released scores of failed steel mesh tests under an Official Information Act request. The results not only show that three out of five companies have failed to meet the standard, but also reveal discrepancies between the testing laboratories.

Steel mesh must be 10 percent ductile in order to comply with the relevant standard. Only Fletcher Building’s and United Steel’s product managed to reach this level, while Euro Corp, Steel and Tube and Brilliance Steel all failed to meet the standard. However, failures of different standards (including weld strength) were not restricted to the latter three companies.

Adding to the confusion is the variation in ductility measured by SAI, SGS as well as Holmes Solutions. Radio New Zealand has reported that, across dozens of results, ‘discrepancies of 2-3 percentage points were common, throwing the averages out.’

Although we still await the full report from the Commerce Commission, this sneak peek forewarns of more bad news on the way.

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