Combating the P contamination crisis

As the cost of methamphetamine contaminated housing increases more calls are being made for the government to take action.

Judy Morgan, the managing director of a Northland property rental company, has seen the issue first hand. In a letter to parliament she has called on the government to improve testing standards. This would require developing regulations around the testing of houses for P contamination. Although there are currently Ministry of Health guidelines, Ms Morgan believes these do not provide adequate weight to tackle the problem.

Ms Morgan’s approach would include

  • standardising testing across the various testing agencies;
  • require testing of homes between tenants; and
  • creating a public register naming (and presumably shaming) any tenants who have vacated a rental property in a contaminated state

There are obvious benefits to the first two aspects of this approach. However, the name and shame register has a few kinks to be worked out. Although it may satiate property owners need for personal vengeance there are significant issues around natural justice and privacy.

P contamination remains a major issue, with many likening the situation to the leaky homes crisis. For more information on identifying whether P contamination is present in your home, and steps you should take when purchasing a house see our previous blog here.


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