Innovative solution for Fiji housing crisis

In February 2016 Cyclone Winston hit Fiji, destroying about 24,000 houses and inflicting material damage initially estimated to be about $US460 million. Following this devastating event, the government of Fiji has committed to rebuilding safer and stronger homes.

This is reflected in the Prime Minister of Fiji’s announcement last month that confirmed the availability of $5,000 grants available to eligible Fijians to purchase building materials, and the introduction of a new, more stringent building code.

A Fijian architect John Grey, in conjunction with aid group Caritas, has devised an innovative solution in response to Fiji’s housing crisis. He has designed a simple, robust and affordable home that could be rolled out across the country.

John Grey describes the house as a basic rural dwelling that reflects the typical rural living style in Fiji.

The house could be easily built with readily available materials and basic tools, at a price of approximately NZ$7,000. All the materials, down to the correct number of nails, would be delivered in a package and brought to the site to be built.

An interview with John Grey and a video showing his design can be found here:


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