Addressing construction noise

Noise complaints for construction work in Christchurch have jumped from 169 in 2011-2012 to 707 for the 2015-2016 year.

Commenting on the hike Christchurch City Council Environmental Team leader Nigel Grant stated that noise was to be expected during a rebuild of this magnitude, and that a bit of common courtesy between neighbours in notifying them when noisy work will be carried out would go a long way.

Mr Grant also highlighted there are rules preventing noisy construction before 6.30am  from Monday to Saturday.

Construction site noise is managed in a variety of different ways. Under the Resource Management Act 1991 noise is regulated by district plans, and noise issues will often be addressed in resource consent applications. NZS3910:2013 contains an obligation on Contractors to respect the rights of adjoining property and ensure inconvenience to occupiers is kept to a minimum as far as reasonably practicable. An obligation is also owed to not unreasonably interfere with the convenience of the public. These obligations will often be supplemented with a noise management plan (in line with resource consents), restricting the hours of work and the types of activities that can be carried out at certain times.

If noise is an issue the Christchurch City Council recommends first talking to the contractor or builder, and if issues persist then contacting the Council.

Construction-worker-hands-over-ears (2)

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