Steel mesh update

Last Friday the Commerce Commission released an update into the non-compliant steel mesh issue.


Court Enforceable Undertakings

As part of its ongoing investigation into non-compliant steel mesh products pulled from the market in April the Commerce Commission has signed court enforceable undertakings with Steel & Tube and Euro Corporation.

The undertakings require that the companies only sell SE62 500E grade steel mesh that passes specific independent testing. The results of the testing must be provided to the Commission.


Other suppliers

The Commission is now also looking into whether a another supplier, the small Wellington based Timber King Limited, also supplied non-compliant 500E grade steel mesh.


Clarifying the standard

MBIE convened a technical advisory meeting with industry and technical experts on 14 April, to look at clarifying the steel mesh standard (AS/NZ 4671:2001). The aim of this review is to provide a uniform approach to steel mesh testing and remove ambiguity over appropriate testing methodology.


Fair Trading Act

There is on-going investigation into whether Steel & Tube breached the Fair Trading Act by including in test certificates the logo of a laboratory that did not undertake tests, or by making misleading or unsubstantiated representations that the steel complied with the standard.

Euro Corporation and Brilliance Steel Ltd are also being looked into for breaching the Fair Trading Act.

The Commerce commission media release can be found here.

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