Cut-off date for Financial Assistance Package looms

The Financial Assistance Package scheme offers eligible homeowners certainty of a financial contribution towards repairing their leaky home by providing eligible homeowners with an alternative to litigation. Generally, the Government (MBIE) and local council will each pay 25% of the repair cost with homeowners paying the remaining 50%. In return, the homeowners will be required to sign an agreement not to take legal action against contributing Councils and the Government.

This doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t make a claim for the FAP as well as making a claim under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006. However, given the deadline under the original WHRS Act 2006 for the FAP of 23 July 2016 which (as at the date of this blog) is only a little over 12 weeks away, it would be more economical for homeowners to focus on ensuring their FAP claims were actively progressing rather than attempting legal action.

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