Council inspectors reveal shoddy building work in midst of Auckland building boom

The current ‘Housing Crisis’ in Auckland has put a lot of pressure on builders for new homes to be built quickly and economically. Auckland City Council is reporting that some alarming building work has emerged across the city as a result of efforts to satisfy the demand.

Among other issues observed, examples of such shoddy building work include framing being built outside foundation slabs with no support, crooked walls, crooked foundation slabs and dangerous excavation.

Auckland City Council’s General Manager of building control, Ian McCormick, points to a number of factors contributing to the high number of concerning instances. He claims skilled project managers and Licensed Building Practitioners are stretched across on average 25 jobs at a time, resulting in a general lack of supervision of the inexperienced workers on site. Mr McCormick also notes the fragmented nature of projects, with instances of subcontractors performing their jobs and no one taking ownership of the entire project.

While Mr McCormick has expressed that council inspectors are feeling frustrated at being effectively quality control on many projects, the Council does have a duty to carry out inspections to ensure that work complies with the building consent, the Building Code and any other relevant statutory provisions.

Examples are showcased here and here.

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