Is the quarter acre dream to blame for Auckland’s housing crisis?

Everyone has their own idyllic view of where they want to live and how their house should look. However, it seems that largely people’s views on this are fairly similar with many after a bespoke dwelling with room for BBQs and activities in the backyard.

The result is the current issues with the demand curve and a distaste for ideas like ‘modular housing’ and ‘three-storey suburban apartments’.However, these are being touted as ways of combating the affordability crisis by the NZ Heralds ‘Home Truths’ features see here and here.

We’ve blogged about modular/prefabricated housing before (see for example) and the efficiency of the system is evident. There is also compelling arguments for building skyward in residential areas.

The main test is whether New Zealanders are willing to compromise on their idealised slice of heaven?

With many excellent options available for both means of development time will tell.

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