Reading now ready for Countdown complex

Reading International announced yesterday that it would begin work on the construction of a long-deferred Countdown supermarket.

The new supermarket will be located on top of the surface car park on Wakefield Street, immediately behind the Reading Entertainment complex on Courtenay Place. Countdown has appointed Naylor Love as head contractor for the supermarket.

Reading’s plans include not only a 3,870sqm Countdown supermarket, but also a reconfiguration of about 929sqm of existing space in the current complex for new tenants. Access to the existing complex, cinema, and the 1,190 space car parks will also be revised. The latest plans show an elevated supermarket with parking underneath.

This development was first announced on 9 May 2013, when Reading International and Countdown revealed that they had entered into a lease to incorporate a new supermarket as an anchor tenant for the flagship Courtenay Central Entertainment Centre. It was initially anticipated that the supermarket and overall project would open in June 2015. However, the project was halted after the 2013 Seddon earthquakes damaged the adjacent carpark.

Site preparation for this $30 million revamp is now set to begin in the middle of 2016 and Countdown expects its central city supermarket to be open by late 2017.

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