Fortitude prevails over fort

It was a stunning long weekend in Wellington,  one which would ideally be enjoyed from a balcony overlooking the picturesque harbour taking in the sunshine. However, it has been some time since the Aitchisons have been able to do this from their $1.6 million home in Roseneath.

Finally, after a lengthy and costly legal battle (stated by Peter Aitchison to be well into the six figures) the view obstructing fence/fort at the root of the Aitchison’s grief has been dismantled, returning what the Aitchisons describe as their most valuable possession.

The Aitchisons have been living in a self-imposed exile while the structure remained standing, spending much of their time in Taupo and are now looking forward to returning to the capital to enjoy the view they have missed for so long.

The work dismantling the structure over the weekend will certainly relieve the Aitchisons stress, however the saga may not be over. Although David Walmsley, the owner of the structure, withdrew his legal appeal to the High Court the Wellington City Council have sought the appeal to go ahead for the precedent value. Further, there is the issue of whether the Aitchisons will seek to recover their substantial legal costs.

Despite the few remaining loose ends to tie up, at least for now, the Aitchisons will be able to enjoy the remaining month of Wellington summer.

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