Leveraging Canterbury experience

The Canterbury rebuild has been providing good initiatives to stimulate the employment of women in the construction industry. The New Zealand Construction News has published an interesting article which looks at the case study published by the Ministry for Women which looks as leveraging this ‘thinking differently, doing differently’ mentality to stimulate the employment of women in the wider construction industry.

It looks to create a halo effect from the rebuild and has promoted the following tips:

  1. Communicating the business case and the opportunity – for example, the high demand for a skilled workforce and low numbers of women training or working in the industry.
  2. Collaboration – achieving a collective agreement on the vision and the actions everyone takes; identifying allies and getting a core of influential people and organisations together.
  3. Visibility – creating a ‘new normal’ by making women in trades in the industry or region visible
  4. Treasure what you measure – measure baselines and set targets to increase understanding and drive accountability
  5. Leading from where you are – realising that leadership comes from different places – from the top of the organisation to the people working ‘on the ground’ – and making the most of these leaders, wherever they may be.

Those tips would equally apply outside the construction industry. What have you found are effective initiatives to increase diversity?

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