Building and construction gets ready to go ‘green’

The new VXV Precinct in our own Wynyard Quarter has been awarded a double Green Star rating by the New Zealand Green Building Council. Artists’ impression sourced from

A new push for environmentally sustainable products and services within the New Zealand building and construction industry can be expected following the appointment of Rohan Bush to the Environmental Choice New Zealand (‘ECNZ’) board.

In an increasingly eco-friendly-conscious market, the ECNZ is a government owned and endorsed, but independently operated programme which assesses and certifies the design, production, marketing and use of products. ‘Green’ businesses and products are awarded the ECNZ eco label, giving environmentally-concerned consumers a simple way to feel confident about their purchasing choices.

Rohan Bush has extensive experience within the building industry both in New Zealand and Australia. Notably, Bush spent six years in the New Zealand Green Building Council, an industry organisation which educates and assists the property and construction sector toward building sustainable homes and commercial buildings.

Bush has said that her focus will be in residential development, maintaining sustainable practices and affordability.

ECNZ already has its eye on the environmental impact of the construction industry. Their label has been awarded to a number of businesses and products meeting the specifications in the categories of long steel products, thermal building insulants, cement and concrete.

With the new focus that we can expect on the industry, product and service providers ought to consider the message that an eco-friendly label can send to consumers. Businesses run a risk of falling behind as the expectation for businesses to run ‘green’ continues to grow.

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