Return of Fencegate

One of 2015’s most high profile neighbours-at-war disputes has resurfaced.

Last year we blogged about the view obstructing structure that was built on a Roseneath property. The structure was allowed under the District Plan on the basis that it was a fort rather than a fence, an assertion that is disputed by Peter Aitchison and his wife, whose beautiful view of the Wellington Harbour has been completely obscured.

The case is currently being heard before the Environment Court in Wellington, with the Aitchisons arguing that an order can be made requiring something be done about the fence, including removing it or lowering it. Over the course of the trial the Aitchisons will produce evidence to prove  that the cumulative effects of the structure are significant and severe.

Today psychologist Dr Taciano Milfont gave evidence about the negative social effects of the fence/fort, believing that erecting the fence was an act of antisocial behaviour.

We will provide further updates as they come in.

One thought on “Return of Fencegate

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