New Zealand’s first ‘pod’ hotel

This year New Zealand will welcome its first capsule hotel. After four years of planning and negotiations, construction has begun on the Jucy Snooze ‘pod’ hotel, being built alongside Christchurch’s international airport.

Jucy Snooze is targeted at backpackers and travellers wanting short-stay accommodation. The ‘pod’ hotel is modelled from similar cheap and compact accommodation which has been popular in both Japan and the United States.

Christchurch has had a constant shortage of accommodation post-earthquake. Current plans suggest the hotel will have 282 rooms which will be rented out for $30 a night. The extra beds provided by the hotel are being promoted as beneficial for the continued growth and development of the city. The Press states that the project will also provide for 48 new jobs, with 30 in construction and 18 permanent staff.

Each room will be an individual capsule made from fibreglass and steel. The pods will be fully equipped with the latest technology. Smart-phone apps will allow guests to check-in, enter and secure their room, as well as being able to purchase tickets to tourist attractions. Each pod will contain a tablet allowing guests to control room functions and pay to view entertainment.

This complex is the first of the kind in New Zealand but it will not be the last. Plans are already underway for similar establishments in both Auckland and Queenstown.

The growth and popularity of micro hotels is fuelling worldwide. Click here  if you are interested in seeing examples of micro hotels and how they are beginning to challenge the status quo of travel. Hotel accommodation is clearly changing to meet the needs of travellers. Travellers want more affordable accommodation and are willing to sacrifice space for price. These wants and needs will likely be evident in the future construction of accommodation in New Zealand.


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