Leaky building saga strikes against roofer

leaky homes

The media reported yesterday on the bankruptcy of roofer Robert J Thomas, following a leaky homes dispute with Wellington City Council in relation to apartment blocks at 93A Kelburn Parade (find the Stuff article here).

Proceedings were issued in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal in September 2008 and judgment against Thomas issued on 17 March, 2011. (Click here for the judgment.)

Thomas has been ordered to pay $217,570.08. There has been an almost four year delay in initiating recovery proceedings.

Thomas was found to be negligent in ensuring the roof properly drained into the rainhead and in poor workmanship in the application of butynol. His negligence was found to be a relatively major factor in the damage to the buildings in this development.

We have previously blogged about the large amount of damages that can be awarded in leaky building cases.  In the Kelburn Parade dispute, the claimants have been awarded $1.45 million in damages by the tribunal. The article states this is not an isolated case and the council are pursuing other parties to recover costs in relation to past settlements. Therefore, this should act as a warning to other negligent tradies who have been involved in leaky home disputes that they may find themselves faced with the same fate as the roofer in this case.

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