Auckland’s new Commercial Bay

Shopping lovers in Auckland have been given an early Christmas present with the unveiling of the final details and name for downtown Auckland’s biggest new commercial property development.

The property development consists of the creation of a 39-level glass tower on Auckland’s waterfront. The tower is set to become part of the new Auckland precinct Commercial Bay. The new precinct has been designed as a transformational project – offering everything from world class working spaces to high-end hospitality venues adorned with rooftop bars. The tower is currently estimated to cost $681 million. The details released include plans to include 105 new shops, including international brands not currently available in New Zealand such as Zara.

Fletcher have been awarded the building contract with site works due to start around June next year.  The precinct is due to open in late 2018, with the tower to be completed in 2019.

The development offers new opportunities for growth both in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. The large size of the project means that many workers throughout the entire construction industry will likely be involved somehow within the life of the project.

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