NZ Government releases construction guidance

NZ Government releases construction guidance

The New Zealand government has published advice aimed at improving the delivery of large construction projects in the public sector. The advice, which has been presented as five separate reports, covers:

  • matching capability to complexity
  • developing procurement strategy
  • adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) to boost productivity
  • risk and value management
  • health and safety and employment standards of work.

The advice was prepared to enforce consistency and good practice when it comes to large construction projects. NZ Government Procurement said this is particularly important in the current economy, as the increase in construction activity means that agencies that do not regularly undertake government construction activity are now participating in such projects.  It is hoped that the guides will improve efficiency and will also aim to help reduce fatal and serious workplace injuries.

The guidance has been welcomed by industry experts.  Malcolm Abernathy, of Civil Contractors New Zealand.=said: ‘The important thing now is to ensure these guidelines are used and that all government agencies further develop their procurement capability. If that happens there will be significant savings for everyone involved.’


You can read the full guides here.

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