Manchester skyscraper is disturbing the peace

Photo credit: Andrew Crowley, The Telegraph

English architects have once again successfully created public nuisance out of a city skyscraper. Manchester’s Beetham tower terrified locals on Sunday, as in the gale force winds the tower displayed its tendency to sing – or rather, wail with ghostly anguish.

The tower has always had a lot to say, much to the irritation of inner city Mancunians, with humming and whistling often emanating from the tower on a blustery day.

At the top of its 47 floors, a large glass blade sits as a façade overrun and lightning rod. It has been blamed for the racket, and since 2007 has been subject to numerous but ultimately unsuccessful modifications in attempt to reduce the noise.

The above suggests that London’s car-melting, pedestrian-battering ‘Walkie-Talkie’ might have some stiff competition for the Carbunkle Cup’s honour as the United Kingdom’s worst building.

For what it’s worth, the Beetham tower’s architect Ian Simpson, who lives at its top, has publicly apologised to Manchester’s residents for his howling creation.

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