Housing New Zealand fails to meet housing target

Housing New Zealand has been criticised for failing to meet its target, set in 2013, to build or have in delivery 2,000 new homes by 31 December 2015. As at June 30, only 666 new homes had been completed. Housing New Zealand’s annual report attributes this to the restructuring of the organisation’s asset development team, which has meant that ‘we have not been able to ramp up our development programme as quickly as we would have liked.’ Despite this, Housing New Zealand remains positive, stating that they are now well placed to achieve their planned activity of new builds for 2016, which includes some ‘major new developments’.

Unsurprisingly, Labour’s Associate Housing spokesperson, Poto Williams, does not echo this sentiment. In a Labour Party press release yesterday, Mr Williams was highly critical of the Government for ‘not walking the talk’: ‘The Government promised it would boost stock – and in Christchurch it said that meant building a house a day for two years. It turns out it’s simply selling off houses, not providing new ones. Housing New Zealand pays the Government a dividend of several hundred million dollars each year. There is something very wrong when that is not being used to build warm, dry homes for Kiwi families in need’.

To read Housing New Zealand’s annual report, click here.

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