Using Land for Housing – Final Report

Last week the Productivity Commission released its final report on the availability of land for new housing. We previously blogged on the draft report released in June.

The Commission’s objective was to examine the by-laws, processes and practices of local planning and development systems, in the hopes of identifying the efficiencies and inefficiencies in the disposal of land for housing. An efficient housing market has many flow on effects, particularly in relation to accommodating our growing population (literally) and facilitating economic growth.

Key problems identified by the report include misaligned incentives by a range of actors, insufficiently responsive infrastructure provision, slow and prescriptive planning that misses important priorities, and an unresponsive supply of land and development capacity in relation to demand.

To rectify these problems, recommendations included:

  • more savvy use of rating tools, including rating Crown Land,
  • better information and asset management with improved pricing/costing recovery on infrastructure,
  • review of planning frameworks with more central government guidance, and
  • aiding councils in developing vehicles to deliver dwellings, and introducing price driven triggers for greenfield land release.

For more information, and the full report, click here.


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