End of the Red Road

On Sunday the remaining Red Road Apartments in Glasgow were demolished. However, not all went to plan with two of the structure remaining partially upright after the controlled demolition. Click here to read the Stuff article including video.

However, this end is not as spectacular as a previous plan. In preparations for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games the artistic director suggested that the towers be ‘respectfully’ demolished as part of the opening ceremony – out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately this contemporary suggestion failed to gain traction and the main event was left to Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle

The Red Road Apartments were a relatively infamous landmark in Scottish urban history. Constructed in the late 1960 as a partial solution to Glasgow’s housing issues, the towers, which were initially planned to be four stories high, briefly held the title of tallest residential building in Europe before the Barbican Estate was completed a year later.



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