Attempt to Re-litigate Fencegate

Since our post on the fort that has frustrated a pair of retirees in Roseneath there have been several developments.

As we know every story has two sides, and David Walmsley (the owner of the offending fence) has come forward to present his. Mr Walmsley alleges he is merely restoring a fence that was destroyed without permission by a property developer in 1995, when his grandparents owned the land. The property developer apparently gave assurances that the fence would be restored, but ultimately it was not. Mr Walmsley’s concern lies in restoring the fence (or “play structure”) to preserve the value of the property.

Despite an Environment Court ruling against him last week the saga appears far from over. An appeal was lodged to the High Court today which will attempt to prove the Environment Court Judge made a mistake in his interpretation of the Resource Management Act.

We await the Court’s ruling on this contentious issue.


One thought on “Attempt to Re-litigate Fencegate

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