Preparing for the Pope

A priest in Philadelphia embarked on an ambitious construction project in preparation for Pope Francis’ visit later this month, by recreating the Vatican out of Lego.

Father Bob Simon chose to waive a formal competitive tender process in favour of performing the 10 month work programme himself. The ambitious padre bucked many standard practices of the construction industry; as far as we can tell there was no early contractor involvement, and instead of using an architect the Father relied on a picture from the cover of a book.

Although Father Simon undoubtedly made savings by electing to perform the work himself, the cost of procuring the estimated half million blocks needed for the project would have been staggering.

It remains to be seen what the Holy See will think of this miniature tribute to his headquarters that is currently on display at The Franklin Institute in the City of Brotherly Love. That being said, if the tiny Lego version of his Holiness (happily sermonising from the famous balcony) is anything to go by, he should be delighted.

You can check out the amazing pictures of the extraordinarily detailed project here.

Photo Credit AP

Photo Credit AP

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