Walkie-Talkie takes out trophy in awards for the worst


There is a high degree of subjectivity in assessing the aesthetic appeal of a building, to the extent that awarding the Carbunkle Cup for the United Kingdom’s worst building should be viewed with a grain of salt. However, it is hard to disagree with the award panel’s unanimous decision to give the title to 20 Fenchurch Street in London.

This year’s victor (so to speak) boasts interesting architectural features, such as the concentrated sun rays that reflect off the building – which have been known to melt cars and fry eggs on the pavement. If that’s not enough to pique the interest of any would be super villains that are in the market for a new lair, the curvature of the building has disrupted London’s wind patterns resulting in strong blasts that could be capable of blowing pedestrians onto the road. To top it off the so called “Walkie-Talkie” (aka the “Walkie-Scorchie”) is also widely considered to be a complete eyesore.

So with design features that assault vehicles, physical integrity, and sensibilities the Walkie-Talkie walked away with the trophy.

One thought on “Walkie-Talkie takes out trophy in awards for the worst

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