Pelješac Bridge around Bosnia

Credit: The Dubrovnik Times

Credit: The Dubrovnik Times

If you are on the Croatian mainland and wanting to get to the popular seaside town Dubrovnik you currently need to drive through 10 kilometres of Bosnia. This doesn’t sound too bad and both countries had produced the Neum Agreement which would have allowed Croatia unobscured passage through Neum (named after the Bosnian town that divides Croatia).The Neum agreement was never fully executed and Croatians still face checkpoints if they want to pass through. In addition to this minor inconvenience, Croatia was admitted into the EU in July 2013 and Bosnia is not an EU member. This not only provides a further restriction on travel it also increases the risk of Bosnian seeking to enter the EU through this corridor.

The solution – build a bridge, literally.

The Pelješac Bridge is a proposed bridge from mainland Croatia to Dubrovnik. This bridge was initially canned in 2008 but appears to be back on the cards due to possible EU funding. The estimated cost is relatively astronomical (some estimates as high as a $1b) leading to comments that if it goes ahead it may be one of the most expensive bridges ever built. Although Croatia could not afford this bridge on its own it may be possible through EU funding that is set aside for projects in developing EU nations.

There is an informative podcast from Radio NZ available here and an earlier article from the BBC here.

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