Eco-friendly, shape-shifting house that transforms with the weather

Mo Ventus

Architect Todd Fix has developed a concept for an eco-friendly house with an external shell that changes shape depending on the weather.  The ‘Mo Ventus’ offers ‘the choice of full immersion in nature and real connectedness to its environment, through an all glass skin around the living area, providing 180 degree views top, bottom and sides.’ The glass skin automatically covers up with different materials depending on the weather outside, for example, a sun-blocking shade or an insulating shell.

Power for the house and the mechanism that moves the screens is provided by a set of solar panels. A “microclimate pool” underneath cools the house with evaporation on hot days.
Other features in the house include beach access via an interior tube slide and an outdoor amphitheatre built into the lower half of the house, with step seating and a large weatherproof diagonal flat screen for movies. The deck area also has cooking pits and a built-in dining table and seating for entertaining.

Unfortunately, building such an impressive home will not come cheap. Though only a concept now, construction costs are estimated to be between NZ$7.2 million to $20.6 million.

You can read more about the Mo Ventus here

Mo Ventus 2

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