Infrastructure update

This blog covers the latest publication from the National Infrastructure Unit.

Those involved in the infrastructure industry, or the construction industry in general, will be interested in this recent publication that covers recent developments in the industry as well as upcoming events.

Of particular interest in this issue the discussion over a number of recent reports including:

  • National Construction Pipeline report – this is a six-monthly report that covers all aspects of construction (civil, residential and commercial). Its aim is to forecast growth and demand so that those in the industry can plan to meet the projected demand. It also provides an overview on the industry over the previous six months.
  • Australian Infrastructure Audit – although it is focused on infrastructure the report is essentially a forecast of Australia’s population growth divided into regions. The reason behind this is that it will allow states and other organisations to plan for future growth. There are some interesting finding around where Australia’s population is expected to increase the most.
  • Using land for housing draft report – we have covered this in a previous post, see here. This report has been issued in draft and focuses primarily on government systems and processes around making use of land. There are also comments on making better use of unproductive land.

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