New Zealand Architecture Awards’ shortlist announced

On Friday the New Zealand Institute of Architects announced the shortlist for the New Zealand Architecture Awards. Forty-six buildings were shortlisted, ranging from residential buildings to large scale projects and landmarks.

The awards serve to promote excellence in design, raise public awareness of the value of good sustainable design, encourage and promote environmentally responsible practices and solutions for the enhancement of the built environment, raise the standing of architects within the community, and encourage informed public debate on architectural and urban design issues.

To these ends the awards honour achievement in a variety of categories including Commercial Architecture, Education, and Housing (to name just a few). As with most years the shortlist featured a strong showing from housing projects, which account for 19 of the shortlisted buildings.

If you are interested to see whether the latest skyline additions in your neighbourhood made the cut you can see the announcement here. Award winners will be announced at the end of October.

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