Prefabricating the future

A sight that occurred in Auckland a few weekends’ ago may become a regular feature of the City of Sails skyline. Last Monday the Herald reported on the rapid placement of four prefabricated homes in one weekend. Developing the prefabs at a factory offsite and placing them by crane on the pre-prepared lot was said to have reduced a process that would otherwise have taken months into a few days.

The houses were developed by Adaptive Building Technology Construction. Their sales and systems general manager, William Carter, anticipates that future builds could be made in their factory in just four weeks. Not only is the process impressively fast, but building the units in a factory reduces wastage. Mr Carter points to the ability to re-use more material and to the fact that there is less material lost from exposure to the elements as being instrumental to efficiency gains. The ability to work at ground level also removes the challenges that are present when building on-site, where wind and rain can be hazardous.

However, the pilot build was not without its hiccups. It appears that a problem with crane weight distribution caused the Regent St water main to break. However, with build costs of around $2000/sqm, any early teething issues could be seen as mere road bumps in what could otherwise be a more efficient method of development.

This development continues the strong trend towards efficient, cost-effective modular and prefabricated housing. For previous posts covering these topics see the links below:

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