HNZ’s vision for its remaining state housing portfolio

Recent debate focuses upon who will be the purchasers in the government’s state housing sell-off. But what of the 60,000+ houses that will remain under Housing New Zealand (HNZ) ownership? It’s no secret that many state houses require extensive work – in March, Bill English indicated that the cost of deferred maintenance sits in the region of $1.5 billion.

HNZ has not given any details as to how this maintenance may be effected or where the plan will be to demolish and start afresh.

However, HNZ’s Asset Development Group has recently set out an aspirational new approach in its Simple Guide to Urban Design and Development. The document calls for innovative partners to contribute to its vision to “redevelop, regenerate and intensify our landholdings to achieve attractive, liveable and enduring results: world-class, healthy, vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use communities into which quality state housing solutions are seamlessly integrated.”

It would seem that the days of boxy, bland, obvious state housing have passed. HNZ’s Patrick Dougherty has indicated that architects are being brought in to realise HNZ’s new vision.

Developments are already beginning in Auckland: 470 state houses will be built where 114 currently stand. The New Zealand Herald has reported the following Auckland state housing redevelopments:

  • 60-70 Daventry Street Waterview: 3 houses, each divided into 2 units, demolished to make way for 17 residences (Architect: Monk MacKenzie)
  • Corner Busby St and Crowther St, Blockhouse Bay: demolishing 4 and building 13 (Architect: Avery Team Architects)
  • 564 Richardson St, Mount Roskill: demolishing 2, building 8 (Architect: Ignite Architects)
  • Corner Ronaki Rd and Petrie Pl, Otahuhu: demolishing 5, building 19 (Architect: Architex)
  • 6 and 8 Old Wairoa Rd, Papakura: demolishing 2, building 9 (Architect: Strachan Group Architects).

A link to HNZ’s Simple Guide to Urban Design and Development can be found here, and a shorter ‘snapshot’ here.

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