Draft land use report due 17 June

The Productivity Commission is expected to release its draft report into land use for housing on 17 June 2015. This is expected to cover land availability for both housing and the necessary related infrastructure.

Following on from its report into housing affordability the Productivity Commission has been tasked with identifying areas to improve the supply and development capacity of land for housing. This will have a particular focus on areas of high population growth and will include an examination of rules and processes of local government. The Commission has also been asked to examine overseas models and it will be particularly interesting to see which countries/states’ models they choose to review/recommend.

An issues paper was released on 5 November 2014 and after 75 submissions the draft report is expected to cover:

  • incentives, attitudes, and actions of landowners, homeowners and councils toward the supply of new housing and land for housing; options to align their incentives and encourage the release and development of land for housing;
  • ways to improve the process for rezoning land for housing in fast-growing New Zealand areas;
  • strategies for, and barriers to, the supply of land for housing when it is needed;
  • how land use regulations enable or inhibit the development of land for housing in New Zealand cities, what causes these restrictions, and possible improvements;
  • water and transport infrastructure requirements and costs associated with new growth, how councils manage and use existing infrastructure assets, how councils currently pay for infrastructure, and what alternatives are available;
  • the governance arrangements for infrastructure and the use of council-controlled organisations to deliver water and transport infrastructure; and
  • whether new institutions are needed to meet the demand for land and housing.

With the report about to be released we will see if the Government’s announcement to release 500 hectares for development was on the money, or possibly a little premature. To read about the Government’s announcement see our earlier post here.

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