New skills scheme for LBP

A recent decision by the Building Practitioners Board has found that builder Mr Militch had performed negligent and/or incompetent work; carried out or supervised work that did not comply with a building consent; and failed to provide a record of work on completion of restricted building work. The result of the Board’s decision is that Mr Militch’s licence has been cancelled and he cannot apply to be re-licensed for a period of not less than two years. His name has also been removed from the LBP register and he has been ordered to pay costs.

MBIE has taken this opportunity to emphasise that the scheme was created to increase consumer confidence in work carried out by LBPs. The poor standard of work performed by Mr Militch under the LBP banner posed a risk to that confidence. MBIE have also taken this opportunity to highlight the changes to the LBP skills maintenance requirements.

The current scheme relies primarily on self-directed learning with licenced builders required to earn a certain number of points from elective activities to retain their license. The changes will move the scheme to a mixed-model of compulsory and elective activities although the time spent upskilling is expected to be the same. The compulsory requirements are:

  • reading ‘LBP News’ that is published by MBIE; and
  • identifying two examples on on-the-job training every two years.

The changes are being tested now and will be compulsory for skills maintenance schemes commencing after 2 November 2015. No legislative change is required as the new scheme falls within the current LBP Rules.

Click here to read more on the changes.

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