Big projects planned for Auckland…CBD

A map has recently been released by Auckland Council’s City Centre Integration team showing 48 planned Council projects over the next 10 years.

These projects span across both public and private sectors with the hopes of making Auckland a bigger economic player and more liveable city.

Among these projects are an Albert St upgrade, new bus infrastructure throughout the city, the Ferry Basin redevelopment and the creation of Headland Park at the end of the Wynyard Point.There are also plans to develop apartments and hotels around Wynyard Quarter.

Concern has been raised over how must investment is being concentrated on the CBD.One school of thought on this issue is that with only 12% of Aucklanders working in the CBD, funds should be more widely distributed with more emphasis on the outer suburbs.

On the other hand, such a small percentage of people working in the central city, could be said to justify investment to create more and better working opportunities.This is the view the Council seems to favour and it will be interesting to see the results of these major projects emerging over the next decade.

Read here to find out more information about the Council’s plan.

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