Prefabrication well underway in Wellington

Matrix Homes recently opened a factory in Trentham on 4 February 2015 that is producing modular houses that can be installed anywhere in NZ (they can fit on the Cook Strait ferries). The company aims to produce around 500 houses annually.

Matrix is set up to produce two types of design, the M1 and the M2. The M1 is a 52.8 square meter one bedroom module. The M2 is a 69.1 square meter two bedroom home. Both models have a mono-pitch roof. The two modules can be lined up in a number of combinations to produce a semi-customised design. There is also a modular garage designed to fit on to the other modules.

This style of construction is not a new concept, however it is relatively new to New Zealand. It presents a cost effective way to increase housing supply, providing there is suitable land.

One benefit of the Matrix style of design is that the house dimensions can altered to suit lifestyles. For example, a 4 bedroom house that consists of 3 or 4 modules can be altered by removing one of the modules and selling to another modular home owner. This can be extremely beneficial in managing house sizes to ensure they efficiently suit the population (heating, transport, accessibility) without necessarily requiring the occupants to relocate or re-build.

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