Year of unstable cranes

Following an earlier post about a crane falling into a building in Christchurch (and the subsequent WorkSafe investigation) – click here, there has been a similar story in Blenheim recently (click here to read the Stuff article and see photos).

The crane was being used to construct the city’s new ASB theatre. There was no load on the 10-tonne Hitachi crane when the boom fell, hitting the concrete wall and bending backwards. No one was hurt but WorkSafe have been informed of the incident.

In addition to the two examples above, other recent crane malfunctions include:

  • Auckland – a 55-tonne crane fell through an Auckland home as it was lifting a boat off a trailer in November (read the story here).
  • Ljsselstein (Netherlands) – a crane that was suspending a man while he proposed to his girlfriend toppled into the neighbour’s house a few days ago (read the story here).

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