Update on Housing New Zealand’s ambitious goal for new homes in Christchurch

Last year, the Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) announced plans to build 700 new houses in Canterbury by December 2015. With this deadline 12 months away, The Press has reported that only 103 of these have been completed, however HNZC and the government believe the target will be achieved.

HNZC’s General Manager, Paul Commons, said that issues such as weather delays and consenting problems often hold up construction projects, but he is confident that HNZC will reach its December 2015 target.

New homes have been completed and tenanted in the central city and Addington, with work underway on new units in Phillipstown. There are also plans to develop up to 150 units in Riccarton.

However there is some dissent about HNZC’s goal. Christchurch East’s MP Poto Williams commented that the programme seemed overly ambitious, and that despite the high numbers of properties to obtain a building consent, there was a big difference between gaining consent and completing the works.

With all the rebuild works underway in Christchurch, we hope that this ambitious goal is achieved, and we will be keeping a close eye on progress over the next year.

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