Christchurch Convention Centre Precinct

Last year, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee, announced the planning and development of Christchurch’s new Convention Centre Precinct (CCCP). The CCCP will be a world-class convention centre that aims to attract business, events, and conferences to Christchurch. The CCCP will be supported by hotels and public transport and will help grow the economic base of the region. The CCCP is designed to cater for up to 2000 people and multiple events at any one time. The government has committed $284 million to the project, including the purchase of land in the precinct.

Last week, the government called for submission for expressions of interest for Early Contract Involvement (ECI). It is increasingly common for principals to adopt an ECI process to manage a range of medium to large sized projects. Some examples of benefits received through an ECI process include:

  • Risk Management – All inherent risk of large construction projects is able to be identified and mitigated to at an early state to ensure a smooth construction
  • Construction planning – Efficient timing and co-ordination is important to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget. Having the contractor involved from the planning stage enables any potential programming issues to be resolved/mitigated.
  • Cost Planning – One of the greatest risks in any construction project is the unexpected escalation of costs. A thorough cost planning will allow the principal to receive transparency and value out of their investment.

It is full speed ahead for the Christchurch recovery program. However, due diligence must be taken to ensure a project is successful and good advice at the front end of a project can prevent a number of common issues from occurring during the construction stage.

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