Christchurch crane capital of New Zealand

Following a 41% increase in cranes over the past six months, Christchurch has been confirmed as the ‘crane capital’ of New Zealand by the latest Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) Crane Index.

Christchurch holds a comfortable lead at 31 cranes in the sky, followed by:

  • Auckland – 26
  • Hamilton – 7
  • Wellington – 6
  • Queenstown – 4
  • Tauranga – 1
  • Dunedin – 1

The RLB index links crane activity with building and economic activity. The link between cranes in the sky and a city’s economy was examined earlier this year, in response to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s claims that the number of construction cranes on the Toronto skyline were proof that his city was ‘booming’. The verdict? According to senior Canadian economist Robert Kavcic, the measure ‘probably has some value’ but it’s far from the ‘be all, end all’. Kavcic considers the two most telling economic factors to be population growth, and the unemployment rate.

While Christchurch came out as ‘skyline king’ in New Zealand, the world title likely belongs to Dubai – once home to almost 25 percent of the world’s cranes, it was speculated earlier this year that Dubai’s construction industry was heading for a revival era.

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