Alleged espionage in Christchurch

A wall has been stolen from the construction site of a house in Christchurch. The house is part of a development by True Green Homes. The alleged thief broke into the building site and “ripped out insulation, tore into cavities, and stole a fully-constructed wall from the lounge” according to a report in The Herald.

The general manager Greg Thomson believes that someone in the industry is behind the theft with an aim of gaining a greater understanding of True Green Homes IP (building products and methods). His rationale behind this is that the operation required precision cuts to be made to detach the wall and once detached, the wall would have required a number of men to move it. Mr Thomson also notes that in the process of taking the wall (and other damage) the thieves did not touch a number of new windows that were on site and would have had a significantly higher value.

One positive from this story is that it highlights the innovative building practices being employed by True Green Homes. True Green Homes is one a growing number of designers/construction companies that are choosing to focus on low carbon materials that also offer increased performance. For example True Green Homes say they are the first in New Zealand to use German-originated panelised low-energy technology to deliver healthy homes at a low cost. Using wool insulation and an air sealing building technique the home owner is able to achieve up to a 90 per cent reduction in heat loss when compared to a conventional home.

Practices that have a reduced effect on the environment and improve the heat efficiency and health of buildings should be encouraged.

True Green Homes is based in Christchurch and specialises in low energy building methods. The company pre-fabricates walls at a factory and then erects them on-site (click here to view their website).

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