Council addressing consent accreditation concerns

International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) has released an Assessment Report confirming that the Christchurch City Council has not yet met the standards required to regain accreditation as a building consent authority. (Click here to access the Report in full).

The Council’s accreditation was revoked by IANZ in July 2013, following concerns that the Council’s building consent processes failed to meet the required standard. A Crown Manager was appointed to oversee the implementation of a comprehensive action plan, which included restructuring the consent department and lifting staff numbers.

The IANZ Assessment Report outlines 8 strong recommendations and 9 corrective actions that must be implemented before the Council gains accreditation. Director of Building Control and City Rebuild Peter Sparrow remains highly confident that the Council will achieve accreditation by the end of the year, and says a project group is being formed to work on the issues identified in the Assessment Report over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Building and Construction Minister Dr Nick Smith has welcomed the Assessment Report in a media release, highlighting the progress made over the past year by the Council towards regaining its accreditation.

The Council remains on the register of building consent authorities administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Accordingly the Council can and does issue consents, despite lacking accreditation.

Accreditation is nonetheless an important milestone for the Council in demonstrating that it can be relied upon to ensure a quality rebuild in Christchurch. Further, ongoing delays in achieving accreditation may affect any review undertaken by MBIE of the Council’s registration status.

Click here for Peter Sparrow’s Checkpoint interview on RadioNZ.

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