A positive step for the Christchurch re-build

The Ministry of Health recently issued a media release seeking Registrations of Interest for Christchurch Hospital’s new Acute Services Building (click here).

As one of the re-build’s anchor projects, it will be one of the largest health-related building projects in New Zealand’s history with an expected cost of about $450 million. The building will include a host of new facilities, including new operating theatres, approximately 400 new beds, purpose-designed children’s facilities, an expanded intensive care unit, a state-of-the-art radiology department, and a new emergency department.

According to the media release, site preparation is set to begin in September with construction planned to start in July 2015, and building operation by mid-2018. The ROI can be viewed here.

It’s good to see the re-build gaining momentum with projects such as this starting to reach implementation stage.

The Ministry is seeking interest from ‘local and international companies with a proven track record in delivering complex health projects’. It will be interesting to see what level of overseas interest this attracts in due course.

[this post was written by Jared Holt]

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