Construction team Cranks it for cancer

Kensington Swan is participating in both the Auckland and Wellington editions of The Crank in an effort to raise money for Canteen, a charity for children with cancer.

The event involves cycling in teams of up to 12 people for a period of 12 hours, all the while being pushed by RPM instructors from Les Mills.

Kensington Swan’s national construction team has a strong showing in this year’s event with four riders entered between Wellington and Auckland.

In Wellington Associate Arie Moore and solicitor Sam McCutcheon have agreed to step up for the cause on 15 August 2014 and solicitors Jess Hanning and Emma Cowle have put their hand up for the Auckland effort that will take place on 29 August 2014.

Please get in behind these people for their awesome efforts to raise money for Canteen; you can donate by clicking on the name of the rider above.

There is also the opportunity to wear sponsored gear while riding and if you were interested in corporate sponsorship please get in touch with any of the above riders.

To keep an eye on how the two offices (Auckland and Wellington) are going you can follow the links below:



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